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The report of Balancer Band


Company establishment 1973
The posture of health is pure researched and 7 years from 1977 through 1984.

It is a probability as for the basis of the theory and practice.
A Japanese, integrated physiotherapy is ended.
The technology is taught to the manual therapeutics master in Japan. NAKAI CO.,LTD.
Presentative director
Hitoshi Nakai
(Invent of Balancer Band)

How to decide of proper size.
The band is not pulled.
About 10cm is proper sizes.
open of the previous state.
How is the band put up?
Please cover the entire hip, and extend it with both hands right and left.
Please do not strongly tighten the band. Please wear it from the pubis.
Recently we have less chance of exercise and movement, instead we keep sitting position for hours.
As a result, the muscles around the hips become weak which decreases the power to support your
posture and is caused by bad posture unconsciously.
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